Investor Advocates® for You, and Only You.

Highland Consulting Associates, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leader in investment consulting services for institutional investors, including corporations and nonprofits. For families and individuals, we provide holistic and values-based wealth management services through our Family Wealth consulting practice.

Since 1993, we have helped clients meet their investment objectives with tailor-made solutions as unique as each client we serve. Our firm operates on our founding principle of “investor advocacy.“

As Investor Advocates®, we work to improve our clients’ prospects for success. Our approach requires us to align our ownership, operational, and compensation structures with our clients’ interests. Our only alliance is with our clients. We are obliged to no one but you.

How We Advocate for Our Clients

Highland serves a wide array of clients. They include sponsors of defined benefit and defined contribution plans, and Taft-Hartley plans, as well as fiduciaries for foundations, endowments, and other institutional investors.

Through our Family Wealth practice, Highland advises families and individuals interested building, preserving, and transferring wealth in ways that honor our clients’ deeply-held values.

Essential Qualities of Investor Advocacy

Client investors have identified the qualities they believe are essential for real investor advocacy. These qualities highlight a client-centered, advisory philosophy. The demand for these characteristics may be most evident for those with fiduciary or oversight responsibility. The real need is practically universal.

Totally Independent and Objective

An investor advocate is independent of the sale of any investment services or products and, therefore, able to provide objective counsel based upon the needs and responsibilities of the client. By definition, this role cannot be met by brokers, bank trust officers, investment managers or similar parties. An investor advocate must approach each client-service role without bias or the potential for any conflicts of interest.

Capable and Informed

An investor advocate is experienced, diligent, and uses leading analytical and information resources. Technology and information have the greatest value when used by seasoned professionals. A collaborative and expert team of investor advocates provides depth and perspective to client investment analysis and ongoing monitoring responsibilities. Proper and effective reviews require analytical integrity, thoroughness and thoughtfulness.

Results Oriented and Cost Conscious

The risk and return objectives of each client investor are of paramount importance to the investor advocate who clearly understands whose investment it is and whose money is at risk. How various costs and fees are negotiated and managed is critical to overall performance and the discharge of fiduciary responsibilities. An investor advocate helps the client establish a rational approach to assessing net investment performance, fees, expenses and opportunity costs.

Professional Service and Client Accessible

The client investor deserves high quality, professional service. This characteristic of an investor advocate includes responsiveness to client inquiries, timely reporting, and consistently meeting commitments to the client. Clients can reasonably expect that their best interests should always be served by this relationship. Integrating all of these investor advocate attributes will culminate in the highest probability of success for the client investor.