Luke Bobey

Luke has over 15 years of relevant investment and consulting experience. He began his career with The Hartford mutual funds, where he focused on investor communications, asset allocation modeling, and portfolio risk analysis; predominantly within traditional asset classes. Prior to joining the team at Highland, Luke spent nearly six years as a senior relationship manager for KBS Capital Markets Group, a leading alternatives asset manager. Luke has a BS in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh and is a member of several philanthropic organizations and associations.

Recent Posts

Building a MODEL Investment Committee

The composition of the investment committee is as important as the development of a nonprofit’s investment policy and its portfolio design. Without thoughtful and intentional planning, the committee appointed to expand a nonprofit’s influence and reach can sometimes encumber the organization and limit its impact—an outcome to which no one aspires.

Using MODEL as an acronym helps us consider the essential elements for building an effective investment committee.


The size of the committee can either improve its agility or slow it considerably. Our experience suggests seven or fewer members tends to work best, keeping in mind that an odd number of formal voting members will ensure the committee’s never locked in the stalemate of a tied vote.

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