Luke Bobey

Luke Bobey


“Our clients expect me to be prepared, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable—and they should. When we’re together, they have 100% of my attention and my hope is that our interaction makes them and their organization more successful.”

Luke joined Highland Consulting Associates in 2018, bringing to our team his significant experience aligning both traditional and alternative investments to client strategies.

Luke’s area of expertise is providing retirement plans, foundations and endowments with independent, conflict-free guidance on investment options, education on market and regulatory trends to help our clients make better informed decisions.

I love working with a diversity of people. Every day is different and presents new challenges and opportunities to deliver great service for a positive impact.”

From a young age, Luke has had a natural curiosity in the way things work. To his parent’s dismay, this occasionally led to items being disassembled and scattered across the floor (with little hope of being put back together). That curiosity today though is probably the reason he and his wife, Sarah, are avid sailors and why he loves his field of work. As the wind and currents change, adjustments must be made to the sails to optimize speed. Likewise, as economic factors and market drivers change, so too must portfolios be tweaked and adjusted to achieve optimal results.

  • 16 years relevant experience
  • 1 year with Highland
  • BS, University of Pittsburgh
  • Philanthropy Ohio
  • Indiana Philanthropy Association
  • Council of Michigan Foundations