Customized Investment Strategies

Highland provides consulting services to a wide variety of institutional clients. These clients include: Voluntary Employee Benefit Association or VEBA funds, utility decommissioning trusts, ESOP funding pools, reserve asset pools, collateral assets for borrowing, balance sheet assets, acquisition funds and other pools of institutional assets.

Richard Veres

Richard Veres, CFA, CEBS
Corporate Client Team Leader

Our Systems Can Model a Full Spectrum of Tax Features

Specialized clients have been able to create objectives based investment programs that vary widely. Some investment funds are subject to full tax, no tax or unique tax deferral or carry forward arrangements. Our systems can model a full spectrum of tax features.


Certain pools of assets serve defensive functions in an organization. The management of these types of funds carries a heavy enterprise risk management emphasis. We’ve helped clients manage funds with targeted maximum levels of cyclicality.

Several clients have engaged us to help craft acquisition funds. Acquisition portfolios need to be resilient to market downturns or even have features that lead them to profit in these environments. Additionally, investments have no spending use if they can’t be liquidated in these types of environments.