The Highest Quality Investment Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations

Since 1993, nonprofit clients like colleges, universities, hospitals and other 501(c)(3) organizations have trusted Highland to provide impartial and informed investment consulting services. We serve our nonprofit clients with an unwavering commitment their success – and their success only. We neither offer nor represent any products or services that influence our recommendations or potentially conflict with meeting our clients’ investment objectives.

As Investor Advocates®, Highland focuses solely on our nonprofit clients, helping them to responsibly discharge their fiduciary responsibilities while improving their prospects for success. Our investment consulting philosophy is centered on providing customized, value-added, risk-aware strategic solutions together with proactive client service.


Joel Baker, CFA
Nonprofit Client Team Leader

Helping You to Meet Your Objectives is Our Goal

Highland’s goal is to help our clients meet performance objectives with proper attention to risk. We do this by professionally and effectively monitoring our clients’ investments, their investment managers and related functions. We provide insight into many key areas, including capital markets history and projections, in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of investment managers, asset allocation, style analysis, risk assessment, portfolio diversification, performance measurement, and attribution.

We Give You the Power to Make Informed Decisions

While Highland has substantial and sophisticated investment consulting resources and analytical tools, we provide concise, user-friendly information for everyone in the investment decision-making process. We equip our clients with the research, education and information they need to make informed and effective decisions.