Menachem Lubling



“I derive great satisfaction from knowing my research is used to improve client outcomes. I love to go deeper to understand causes and effects.”

Menachem is fluent in Hebrew and English, having earned his MBA at Israel’s second-largest academic institution.

Meetings may take longer with Menachem in attendance because he’s ready to ask a lot of questions. And when Menachem responds, you can rely on the accuracy and pertinence of the information he provides. If he doesn’t have an easy answer, he’ll tell you without sugarcoating or giving you a superficial answer.

“Highland nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit which feeds my passion for the investment field and gives me the latitude to research areas that interest me, especially those that are emerging but not yet widely recognized.” 

Menachem’s appetite for information prepares him to defend many positions, including why the Orioles, a team he loves, could be a contender over the long term and why the Indians, a team he and his wife love even more, will be world champions. (No argument there.)

  • 9 years relevant experience
  • 4 years with Highland
  • MBA, Bar Ilan University, Valedictorian
  • CFA® Charterholder
  • CFA Society of Cleveland
  • CAIA Charterholder
  • City of Cleveland Heights Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Adopt-a-Kollel, Nonprofit Treasurer