Unlock Opportunities to Achieve, Enhance and Enjoy Your Wealth

We Start with You

Our approach is documented. Our experience is decades-long. But it’s our interactions with you to understand your deeply held values (and your concerns or expectations, too) that set Highland apart.

Highland is compensated for our counsel and proprietary methods applied on your behalf, and not by commissions or any revenue-sharing relationship with other providers.

For that reason, our opinions are independent and impartial.

Our interest is you.


What's Wealth?

Wealth is accounting for all that’s valuable in your life.
That includes – and goes beyond, investment management.



  • Investment goals, allocation & performance
  • Wealth transfer & estate planning
  • Business management & succession planning



  • Family values & history
  • Family enrichment & education
  • Family member purpose & calling



  • Family business influence & advocacy
  • Family philanthropy – goals, education, planning & efficiency in distribution

At the Heart of the Matter are Your Reasons Why

Your responses to the question “why” lead to meaningful conversations about your family’s wealth and how to enhance, preserve, and transfer it wisely.

Why are you concerned about your family wealth planning or business succession?

Why is now the time to get clarity for your financial future?

We follow the question “why” with questions of what and who to determine what is your vision for the future, and who or what is a part of it.

What will bring you greater contentment and peace of mind?

Who will steward your legacy, including your financial, relational and social assets?

What’s necessary to prepare your successors and heirs?

Having discovered your reasons why, we apply our know-how and our strategies and tools to help you realize your financial and relational goals.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

– William Bruce Cameron, Sociologist

Highland Family Wealth Advocates® at Work for You

We encounter situations as unique as every person we meet.
And our solutions are customized for each client, including you.

Business Owners



What You Leave Behind…

can become larger than what you built in life

By posing often unasked questions we can discover the bedrock of what wealth means to you. With that as our guide, we engage Highland’s resources: world-class investment options, efficient tax and legal strategies, and time-tested processes to help you live on purpose and give generously today, while perpetuating your deeply held values tomorrow.


A Simple Conversation

Gaining clarity is the first step in a process which can begin with a simple conversation over a cup of coffee. Let's talk about the why, what, and who so that our know-how can help you grow both your resources and your relationships, to create wealth that lasts.

Connect with Randy at 440.808.1500 or rfairfax@highlandusa.net.