William Cole Moench, CFA, CAIA

“Being on a small team at Highland allows me to experience meetings with fund managers in every corner of the market. I am constantly learning new things, which satisfies my curiosity and makes me a better research analyst."

Cole interned at Highland during his college career at The Ohio State University and joined the firm right after graduation – a semester early. He conducts investment research by speaking with asset managers, developing opinions on strategies, and performing ongoing performance monitoring.

“Although I have equity coverage responsibilities in U.S. large cap growth, U.S. small cap growth, and international value funds in particular, I attend any meeting the research team has to learn more and be of greater value to our clients.”

Cole is a gearhead and movie geek. He loves driving, repairing, upgrading, learning, and sometimes buying cars when he’s not at work. Cole gladly shares his opinions on cars and movies, especially sci-fi movies if you ask. (Sometimes you don’t have to ask.)


  • Relevant experience since 2019
  • With Highland since 2020


  • BSBA, The Ohio State University


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)