Business Owners

You can beat the odds. What you leave behind can have as much impact as what you built in life.

But first, you have to know why.
Why was my business built?

And what.
What do I want it to perpetuate?

And who.
Who shares my values and purpose?

Successful business transition isn’t primarily a financial exercise. It’s a meaningful, sometimes messy series of engagements with your family. We have proven tools and processes that can help:

Highland People: Educators, facilitators and coaches

Programs and Processes: Family meetings, retreats and coaching to preserve wealth and family unity

Highland Know-How: Technical tools and impartial advice to save taxes, enhance returns, and strengthen family relationships.

“Only 15% of family businesses have a succession plan for senior management roles. Only 12% survive to a third generation.”

- 2016 Family Business Survey

Change the course of your business succession … and your life.

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A Simple Conversation

Gaining clarity is the first step in a process which can begin with a simple conversation over a cup of coffee. Let’s talk about the why, what, and who so that our know-how can help you grow both your resources and your relationships, to create wealth that lasts.