Mike Paolucci

Mike joined Highland in 2020 as a senior consultant, bringing over 20 years of investment consulting experience to the firm. He leads the defined benefit practice at Highland, and his responsibilities include coordinating client service, designing customized client solutions, and collaborating with the firm’s marketing team to propose innovative DB strategies to prospective clients.

Recent Posts

A Rational Response to a Wild Ride

(Or, keep your seatbelts fastened until the ride comes to a complete stop.)

How a Policy Prescription Guards against Emotional Decision-making, and Leads to Positive Outcomes.

Over the past two years, financial markets and the economy have been on an unprecedented wild ride, taking investors along to experience heights of exuberance to depths of fear (and back) several times. Adrenaline rushes and roller-coaster rides are hardly what pension plan sponsors line up for. But chills and thrills was what much of 2018 through 2020 had in store for investors. We witnessed how that kind of environment can elicit strong emotion responses. And also how emotional decision-making can lead investors far afield of the outcomes they’d wanted.

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