Carol Trzcinski

Carol has more than 30 years of relevant consulting experience. She assists clients with all aspects of their plans, including objective setting, investment monitoring, expense analysis, employee education input, vendor and manager negotiations, and ongoing analysis of services and performance. Her clients include private and public companies and non-profit organizations. Before joining Highland in 2000, she was a principal and director in a regional employee benefits consulting firm. Carol is a graduate of the University of Toledo. She was also a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society and served as valedictorian of her class.

Recent Posts

How’s your Relationship with your Money?

The Complicated Relationship between Women and Money

Research shows that when you ask a woman about her relationship to money and investments, she’ll likely say, “It’s complicated.” It sure is.

In the 1980s, a woman-empowered commercial for perfume said that women could “bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan…and never let you forget you’re a man” To that we say, you have come a long way, baby.

A few decades later, women are not only bringing home some bacon, almost 4 in 10 are the primary breadwinners for the family.

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Twists and Churns: Annuities No Sure Path to Retirement Readiness

On every path to retirement security, there should be a blinking sign that reads: “Annuities This Way: Proceed at Your Own Risk.” Which is an entirely appropriate retirement planning thought.

What’s your appetite for investment risk? If you’re risk averse, it would appear that annuities are an iron-clad, guaranteed, safe investment option. They may be. They may also rope the plan participant into needlessly long investment commitments for which investors pay excessive fees. But not always.

That’s the problem with annuity contracts: too few investors know exactly what they’re buying. And that makes the annuities route to retirement a difficult one to navigate.

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