Kelly O'Hara, CEBS, RPA

Kelly has more than 35 years of relevant consulting, finance and investment experience. She has extensive experience in establishing client objectives, policies, procedures, plan design and investment monitoring. She has assisted clients with all aspects of their plans including manager selection, ongoing analysis and monitoring of investment results and employee education. Kelly is also a member of Highland’s research team and has substantial experience with financial, credit and cash flow analysis. Kelly has a B.S. degree from West Virginia University, graduating magna cum laude. She earned an MBA degree in finance from The University of Akron. Kelly holds the Retirement Plan Analyst designation, the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation, and is an ISCEBS fellow.

Recent Posts

Understanding Retirement Plan Expenses and Fees


Retirement plan sponsors are becoming more aware of retirement plan expenses and how these expenses affect a participant’s ability to be ready to retire. Understanding and assessing plan expenses are also an important ERISA fiduciary duty.

While there is no ERISA statute that assists plan fiduciaries in determining how to assess plan expenses, the Department of Labor (DOL) Field Assistance Bulletin 2003-03 states that “ … a plan sponsor … has considerable discretion in determining the method of expense allocation.” The Bulletin also states that “A fiduciary must be prudent in the selection of the method of allocation.”

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